Customer Support

Alaska Airlines employees do not face any difficulty registering themselves on the AlaskasWorld portal because it is straightforward. There is a chance that some employees will have problems using the portal for the first time. Please do not hesitate to contact AlaskasWorld ‘s customer support team if you need assistance. From the below section, check out the details regarding the customer support team.


AlaskasWorld Customer Support

If you encounter any problems while using AlaskasWorld, you can reach the management team by using these details:

  • Address of Alaska Airlines’ headquarters: Box 68900, Seattle, WA 98168.
  • You can reach Alaska by calling 1-877-238-1077.

To access all the information, you must be an Alaskas World or Horizon Air employee. If you call the number, a dedicated representative will answer your call and provide you with all the details you need to resolve your issue. In order to authenticate your account, you may be prompted to provide the employee number and any security details that you’ve entered into your work profile.

Additionally, Alaska Airlines has several job openings. During the sign-in process, employees have access to the site. You will receive information about the most recent job openings in Alaska if you use our website. Alaska has always cared for its employees and customers all over the world.

If you access your account from a public computer, you should log out before leaving the area where you are working. It is solely for the security of your account. If you wish to access your AlaskasWorld online account, you’ve come to the right place. 

Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air are two of the most popular and largest airlines in the United States. They have provided the best services since the day they were introduced to the market. The AlaskasWorld login portal, in general, makes life easier for the employees that serve them.