Portal Access

AlaskasWorld Login enables you to access a variety of services offered by the company. The following steps can be followed if you are having problems accessing the official website. 


  • Once you enter your username, you’ll be taken to a page that will guide you further. 
  • Adding new profiles or changing your password, as well as recovering a forgotten one, are all possible. 
  • Please check your email for instructions and a link for logging into your account via the AlaskasWorld Login Portal.

You must enter a valid and accurate username in order to continue. Further, you should not store your password on a website that cannot be accessed for security reasons. Whenever you’ve finished working, log out of your account and don’t share your password with anyone you don’t trust.

Among the largest airlines in the United States are Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air. Alaska Airlines, as well as Air Horizon, face intense competition for jobs resulting in few people obtaining their dream jobs. It is not unusual for Alaska Airlines to hire only a few applicants each year despite the enthusiasm of applicants.


AlaskasWorld Portal Requirements

Below are a few of the basic requirements you need to meet in order to access the portal without any inconvenience:

  • It is mandatory for those who wish to access this portal to have an employee ID.
  • To access this portal, the user must have a password.
  • During registration, the login credentials must be the same as those submitted during login.
  • Additionally, you must have an Alaska Airlines or Horizon Air employee card.
  • Logging into AlaskasWorld PET or Horizon Air with a detailed account is an essential requirement.
  • Signing into the Alaskas World web portal requires the Alaskas World user ID and password.

If you have the correct password and are an employee, you can log in free of charge.